Puppy Care 

I enjoy working with puppies so much and know from all the discussions I have had with owners how conflicting some of the available information can be. It can also be difficult to find the help, advice and reassurance that you are doing the right thing for your new puppy.  

Good early socialization and puppy training classes can be invaluable to your puppy’s future development and their reactions to many different everyday experiences that they may encounter including developing relationships with all different types of people and other dogs. 

The earlier you begin to socialize and develop a level of communication with your puppy, the safer and more confident you will feel when out and about with your new best friend.

Since it is important not to over exercise young puppies, a service especially for them has been designed using my experience and knowledge. I can offer to help your puppy develop good social skills and become accustomed to a range of new experiences.

By taking your puppy out on short introductory walks, I will gently introduce them to the big wide world.   Gradually introducing them to lots of different noises, people and other dogs, whilst protecting and reassuring them, your puppy will develop into a well-socialized dog.


Cost – from £7


Puppy Training Classes  

Our Puppy training classes starts right from when your puppy is allowed out (when fully vaccinated). The classes are small; the methods are easy to follow, kind, fair and effective. All we ask is that you and your puppy come along learn lots and have fun. 

The classes are currently held in St Margaret’s Church in Knightswood, Glasgow on a Wednesday evening.


6-week course - £60